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New Specs for the New Year: DAVID KIND Review

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of DAVID KIND- all opinions are 100% my own. 

New glasses with David Kind #spon

Vintage sweater, pencil skirt, flats and cute glasses from DAVID KIND #spon

Vintage sweater, pencil skirt, flats and cute glasses from DAVID KIND #spon

Vintage sweater, pencil skirt, flats and cute glasses from DAVID KIND #spon

Vintage sweater, pencil skirt, flats and cute glasses from DAVID KIND #spon
Coat: J Crew
Shirt: Thrifted (vintage)
Skirt: Kohls
Shoes: TJ Maxx
Earrings: ONE little BELT

As part of my resolutions list for the New Year, getting my health in check is pretty high up there. I wake up every day feeling a few decades older than my age. For so many reasons (a new baby, growing business, blog, family, church...), I've let a lot of healthy habits slide. One easy place to start is scheduling preventative care. Seeing the dentist and the eye doctor are appointments that I neglected in 2013. Thankfully I'm feeling ahead of schedule today as I style these new DAVID KIND glasses because as part of my review, I have an updated prescription to show for myself. (Pause to pat myself on the back.)

Picking out glasses has always been such a challenge for me. There are so many frame options and unfortunately my prescription doesn't list my face shape and recommended frames. I usually just try on infinite pairs and pity whoever I have bribed to come spend the day helping me decide. When I was contacted by DAVID KIND to review their eye wear I was sold as soon as I heard the words "stylist" and "mail delivery." DAVID KIND is an online luxury glasses company that provides a personal stylist and six face friendly frames to your doorstep. A personal glasses stylist? Glasses shipped to my home that are guaranteed to look good on me? Sign me up. 

So yes, I did in fact sign up here. Within a matter of days my glasses arrived in a surprisingly handsome box that definitely made me feel like I was in a luxury glasses retailer. The box included a mirror and six frames that were hand selected to suit my face and my personal style.

Each pair was attached to a card that offered a place to jot down feedback and select the glasses that I wanted to order.

I tried on each pair and in some ways I found it even harder to choose! They all really did look good! I asked my friends on IG and on Facebook and the responses I received were all over the place! Apparently my stylist Trish did her job too well because there was no clear winner in the votes.

After much deliberation I ended up choosing number four and thankfully there was no wrong choice. I sent the frames back with a prepaid label and a copy of an EXTREMELY recent eye prescription. (Yes, I went to the eye doctor that very same week.) My glasses arrived very quickly and are exactly what I wanted. I am really happy with my new specs and loved the whole experience. Not to mention I feel a little bit healthier to boot!

Are you in need of an eye appointment as much as I was? Want an easy and awesome way to find a new pair for the New Year? You can sign yourself up here and find more about DAVID KIND on their blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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